We've all experienced the (bad!) smell of our garbage trash bins in the Summer when our garbage bags have split and food remnants trickle to the bottom of the bin.  It's near the top of "worst smells ever."

If you keep your bins in the garage, the smell is all the worse. I have now found a solution to my problem.

Thank you 100 Gallon Bags for offering a plastic bin liner that is both cost effective and easy to use. These bags will allow you to avoid the garbage can smells.  I've been using these liners now for over 2 years and can say they really work great!

The key is you start with a clean bin.  Then you simply replace the plastic liner once a week after your garbage is picked up.  I am no longer embarrasses to have people enter my house through my garage door.  Give these liners a try.

Janet Hansen
Acworth, GA

100 Gallon Bags is a great product!

The Liners are very durable and nicely sized. We overlap the bag a bit over the top of the container and it stays very secure.  It protects the inside of our heavy duty trash can, collecting all the smelly trash and spills.  On trash day, we tie it up and into the trash collector bin it goes.

We love knowing that our heavy duty trash can is always clean and does not need scrubbing and refreshing.

Thank you 100 Gallon Bags!

Tanya McCrite
Kennesaw, GA